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Meeting: 12/11/2019 - Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Item 23)

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The Committee heard from the Housing and Enforcement Manager regarding the annual update for the Selective Licensing Scheme. He explained that this was an update for the Prosperous Communities Committee and there was no decision to be made. The key requirement from the Overview and Scrutiny Committee was to identify whether any additional information could be included for the next Committee. The Housing and Enforcement Manager highlighted that the scheme had started in 2016, it covered a small area of the South West Ward in Gainsborough and was initiated under the Housing Act, requiring all private rental properties to be licensed. He explained that it was the smallest of such schemes in the country, with around 50 schemes operational nationwide. He stated that around 90% of private rental properties in the area were now licensed, with the initial numbers having been underestimated, both as a result of lack of local knowledge to begin with but also an increase in rental markets in recent years. The Committee heard that information about antisocial behaviour had been included as this was one of the areas taken into consideration when making the decision to designate an area for selective licensing. It was also explained that this was a five year designation, due to end in 2021.


The Chairman invited comments from the Committee and highlighted that there was no decision to be made but the Committee could make suggestions for further information to be included in the final report for the Prosperous Communities Committee.  


It was suggested that areas of the report could be condensed, for example the initial background information, as this had been detailed in previous years. There was discussion regarding the successes of the scheme, for example the increased rate of successful prosecutions and the Housing and Enforcement Manager agreed these details could be included in the final report. There was significant discussion regarding other difficulties faced within the area, however it was noted that the information discussed was not relevant to the purpose of the report for the Prosperous Communities Committee.


As discussions drew to a close, the Chairman summarised the points raised, such as including the case study information regarding successful prosecutions and it was


            RESOLVED that the contents of the report be noted.