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Meeting: 17/03/2020 - Prosperous Communities Committee (Item 68)

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(James O’Shaughnessy)

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Members gave consideration to a report which presented an updated Consultation and Engagement Strategy, together with an updated Equality Strategy.


The strategies set out the Council’s aim to support strong, active and inclusive communities who could influence and shape the district of West Lindsey and both strategies would help create a more transparent and accountable council and promote the Council’s vision of:


“West Lindsey is a great place to be where people, businesses and communities can thrive and reach their potential.”


The new Consultation and Engagement strategy outlined the priorities for consultation, how the Council might involve its communities and some of the different pieces of legislation, which involved consultation for the Council, including the Community Rights, which were part of the Localism Act 2011.


The new Equality Strategy outlined West Lindsey District Council’s work in meeting its equality and diversity commitments with regard to its equality duty.


Both new strategies helped position the Council to ensure its services, projects and programmes met the corporate plan objectives. In particular any changes to what we do as a council could be guided by the principles and methods set out in both strategies.


Both strategies looked at the national and local context and how they linked to supporting the council’s corporate plan.  Furthermore, both strategies included an action plan, which had specific actions to help achieve effective delivery of the strategies.


RESOLVED that: -


(a)     the Consultation and Engagement Strategy (2020-2024) be approved; and


(b)     the Equality Strategy (2020 – 2024) be approved.