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Meeting: 26/06/2019 - Planning Committee (Item 17)

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The Chairman introduced application number 139491, for a two storey side extension. The Planning Manager advised Members that since publication of the papers, Lincolnshire County Council, as the Highways Agency and Lead Flood Authority, had confirmed the application was acceptable and they did not wish to object. The Chairman confirmed there were no registered speakers.


A Member of the Committee enquired whether the application would have been dealt with under delegated powers, had the applicant not been an Officer of the Council and it was confirmed this was the case. The Officer recommendation was therefore moved, seconded and voted upon. It was unanimously AGREED that the application be delegated back to Officers, to determine the application in accordance with the given resolution, having considered any further representations received ahead of the expiry of the publicity period (8 July 2019). Should any new material considerations arise within the intervening period that had not previously been considered, then the application may be referred back to the Committee for further consideration.