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Meeting: 04/12/2019 - Corporate Policy and Resources Committee (Item 65)

National Non Domestic Rates, Sundry Debtors, Council Tax and Housing Benefit Overpayments Write Offs

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Members considered a report detailing irrecoverable debts.


The Revenues Manager outlined that the team took recovery action in respect of all debts; bills were issued, along with reminders and summonses.  When it came to liquidation, the local authority was not classed as a preferential creditor, and there would be no further recovery action in those cases.  Those types of debts could either be written off, or they remained on the accounts.


                        RESOLVED to:


(1)  Write off arrears of National Non Domestic rates to the value of £215,291.50;


(2)  Write off arrears of Housing Benefit Overpayments to the value of £40,789.65;


(3)  Write off arrears of Council Tax to the value of £7,363.69;


(4)  Write off arrears of Sundry Debts to the value of £15,000.