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Meeting: 16/07/2019 - Prosperous Communities Committee (Item 18)

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Changes in National Policy, including updates as detailed in the report, had made a review to the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan necessary. 


West Lindsey District Council in the role of consultee had an opportunity to provide comments on the initial Issues and Options Paper, which consisted of 26 questions and considered a range of policies and some suggested updates.


This was the first of a number of consultations on the Local Plan review which gave West Lindsey District Council an opportunity to comment, shape and inform the final draft to be submitted for examination.


Prosperous Communities Committee as West Lindsey District Council’s Policy Committee were requested to consider the Issues and Options Consultation paper and provide where appropriate responses to the issues raised.


The Chairman and Vice Chairmen of Prosperous Communities Committee, with the support of Officers, had provided an initial consultation response on behalf of West Lindsey District Council, which was attached as appendix A to the report.  The Committee were asked to consider, agree and endorse the consultation response for submission.


Debate ensued during which the following points were noted for re-checking before the submission was made: -


·         Question 6c – the sentence was repeated.

·         Question 13b – the response was fairly repetitive and both yes and no were ticked

·         Question 6e - the clarity of the wording was questioned.  The real issue was in fact that a greater understanding as to how the village boundaries and numbers had been calculated in relation to address points.  Taking the specific example of Middle Rasen, this had moved from a large to a medium village.  It was assumed that this was because the methodology was looking at dwellings within a defined grouping on a map rather than looking to the historic Parish boundaries and as such why there were some discrepancies between numbers.

·         There was a missing “d” from one of the responses contained on page 111.

·         The call for sites elements always caused concern and as such careful thought in relation to the sustainability of villages needed to be considered at all times.


In response to other comments expressed, Members acknowledged it was important to promote the consultation to Parishes to ensure they made specific responses in regards to their areas. A separate panel was undertaking a review of designated areas such as AONBs and this work did not sit specifically with the Local Plan.




RESOLVED that: -


(a)         Members agree and endorse the proposed consultation submission in relation to the Reg.18 Public Participation stage as identified within the indicative timetable contained with the Local Development scheme (Jan 2019), subject to comments made during the course of the debate detailed above; and


(b)         Authority be delegated to the Executive Director for Economic and Commercial Growth (in consultation with the Chairman of the Prosperous Communities Committee) to submit the final version of West Lindsey District Council’s formal response to the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Issues and Options Consultation incorporating the additional comments expressed and agreed throughout the debate.