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Meeting: 28/01/2020 - Prosperous Communities Committee (Item 59)

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Note:              Councillor A. Welburn left the room at 7.39pm


The Committee heard from the Business Support Team Leader regarding the Prosperous Communities Committee budget for 2020/2021. She highlighted the key points of the report including the total cost of services for 2020/21 would be £4.626m compared to £4.122m in 2019/20. This had resulted in base budget increases of £1.032m, and additional income of £0.528m, resulting in a net movement of £0.504m. The Committee heard that, included within the movement of £0.504m was £0.541m relating to Secondary

Employer Pension Contribution payments (Pension Deficit contribution). Previously this budget had been held in one budget line within Corporate Policy & Resources however from 2020/21 the budget had been allocated across all services based on staffing levels (FTE) in order to more accurately reflect the total cost of each service.


The Business Support Team Leader added that £0.087m of budgets to support service investment projects had been included which were to be funded from Earmarked Reserves, therefore the overall impact was a decrease of £0.124m, excluding allocation of Pension Deficit and use of Earmarked Reserves. She read aloud the recommendation of the report and invited questions from Members.


A Member of Committee enquired about the grants and contributions included as income for the budget and whether this meant they were guaranteed to be received. The Business Support Team Leader explained that these amounts were only included when there was high assurance that they would be received. The income for health and wellbeing was also queried and it was explained that this was regarding the leisure contract which had not been in place previously so showed as a new income stream.


Note:              Councillor A. Welburn returned to the room at 7.44pm


With no further questions it was


RESOLVED  that the draft Prosperous Communities budget 2020/21 and revenue estimates to 2024/25 be recommended to Corporate Policy and Resources Committee for the purpose of budget setting 2020/21 and for inclusion in the Medium Term Financial Plan 2020/21 to 2024/25.