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Meeting: 18/02/2020 - Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Item 43)

Pre-Scrutiny Caistor Southdale Development

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The Monitoring Officer introduced the report regarding the proposed development in Caistor. He explained the purpose of pre-decision scrutiny was for the Committee to receive and review the details of the report as it was to be presented to the Corporate Policy and Resources Committee and to make recommendations to the policy committee where it was felt there were areas to be further addressed in order to support the proposed decision.


The Committee heard details of the proposals regarding the GP surgery and residential development. The history of the site was explained as well as the unique circumstances surrounding the proposed development. The financial implications of the proposals were explained in full as were the recommendations for the Corporate Policy and Resources Committee.


There was a question regarding the offset costs which was clarified by the Strategic Finance and Business Support Manager. It was also confirmed that the council would be employing the architect and so there would be the opportunity to have input into the design of the surgery with relation to an holistic health and wellbeing approach.


Following comments from several Members of Committee, there was consensus that the proposition was much needed in the area and was fully supported by Members. The Vice-Chairman asked, on behalf of Councillor Mrs D. Rodgers, whether the development would set a precedent for the council being able to influence similar schemes in other locations. The Monitoring Officer explained that, given the circumstances of this development, it was unlikely to be repeated across the district. However, Councillor O. Bierley as a Visiting Member commented that the potential to set an exemplar and be able to lobby for improvements in other areas of the district could not be underestimated.


Note:              Councillor D. Dobbie left the meeting at 9.12pm.


The Chairman thanked all present for their comments and reiterated what was being asked of the Committee. Based on the discussions and unanimous vote of Committee Members it was


            RESOLVED that


a)    The following pre-scrutiny comments and recommendations be provided in advance of the Corporate Policy and Resources Committee:

·         West Lindsey District Council to be involved with the planning and design of the medical centre;

·         A financial summary of the commitments involved in the project should be provided for ease of reference;

·         A further report to be brought before the Overview and Scrutiny Committee once the final specifications of the medical centre were ratified.


b)    The proposals contained within the report be supported and endorsed to the Corporate Policy and Resources Committee.