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Meeting: 14/01/2021 - Corporate Policy and Resources Committee (Item 66)

66 Progress and Delivery Performance Measures and Targets 2021/22 pdf icon PDF 479 KB

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Members considered a report on the Council’s proposed Progress and Delivery measures and corresponding financial targets for 2021/2022.


There had been a thorough review undertaken between September 2019 and January 2020 of all of the Progress and Delivery targets and measures with key stakeholders; these stakeholders included Members of the Corporate Policy and Resources Committee, the Progress and Delivery Working Group, the Chief Executive and senior members of staff.


To give the findings of this thorough review time to bed in, the Authority’s Management Team carried out a light-touch review for 2021-2022, consulting with Team Managers and the Chairmen of several committees.  This light-touch review saw each team in the Authority spoken to in isolation and where there was a strong business case to change a measure it had been included in this report. 


Everything contained within the report was split into the portfolios of Directors and Assistant Directors, with the exception of the Assistant Director for Change Management and Regulatory Services, as she was not in post when the review was taking place.


The Senior Performance Officer outlined all of the changes to measures contained within the report, and invited comment from Members.  The following information was highlighted:


·         It was proposed to remove the measure related to ‘IT helpdesk requests received’, as it only provided data and not a measure of performance.  However, the information on this measure would still be contained within the narrative of future Progress and Delivery reports;


·         The ‘number of change management requests received’ measure was proposed to be removed as again, it only provided data and not performance figures;


·         The ‘average time taken to action an IT helpdesk request’ was a new measure proposed to have its data tracked throughout the coming year.  At the end of the financial year the performance data would be used as a baseline for future years.  This action would be mirrored for ‘number of change management requests completed’;


·         The ‘time taken to progress a search’ measure under the umbrella of Local Land Charges was set at 10 days; the 10 day target was an industry standard, and a government expectation.  Currently, the Authority was not meeting this target, and was taking around 30 days to progress a search, but there were issues around staffing and the volume of requests coming into the service.


Additional resources had been put into this area of the Authority.  During the first Covid-19 lockdown, private companies that would usually undertake personal searches were unable to enter the Guildhall, meaning that West Lindsey District Council (WLDC) staff were having to perform 100% of the searches.  This situation had now changed, and some of the pressure on WLDC staff had been relieved; in addition manual records were being digitised to enable online access which would also result in efficiencies from time spent retrieving records manually;


·         The ‘percentage of all planned maintenance’ figure under the portfolio of Finance and Property was currently reported quarterly; however the majority of planned maintenance tended to take place during quarters  ...  view the full minutes text for item 66