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Meeting: 09/05/2022 - Council (Item 87)

87 Appointment of Committee Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen for the 2022/23 Civic Year and to agree the normal commencement time for each Committee. pdf icon PDF 141 KB

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Having re-appointed the Committees the report under consideration sought to appoint Chairman and Vice-Chairmen to each of the Committees and for Council to agree the normal commencement time for each.


No nominations for the position of Vice-Chairman of Overview and Scrutiny had been received in advance, and on seeking nominations none were forthcoming.  However, the Leader of the Opposition indicated he had submitted counter proposals, to those written in the report, for each of the other positions named and these were shared with the Meeting.


At the request of the Chairman, the Monitoring Officer outlined the process to be taken, given the multiple nominations individual votes would need to be taken for each of the positions.   The stance was challenged by Point of Order with Members suggesting the verbal nominations should be treated as amendments and taken first.   The meeting was directed to Procedure Rule 14.6 - Voting on appointments which outlined the process, the Chairman indicated her agreement.


Noting the advice provided by the Monitoring Officer, but also the way in which votes had been cast up until this point in the meeting, for efficiency, it was proposed and seconded that nominations for positions detailed in recommendation (2) of the paper be taken en-bloc.  Those voting “for” being in support of the names in the report, those voting “against”, preferring the names provided verbally.


A Member requested that, in the first instance, the decision to take nominations en-bloc be a recorded vote, with the request duly seconded.


On being put to the vote, votes were cast in the following manner: -


For:- Councillors Bierley, Coulson, Davies, Devine, Ellis, Fleetwood, Grimble, Hill, Lawrence, McCartney, J McNeill, Milne, Morris, Patterson, Regis,  Rodgers, Summers, Waller and Welburn (19)


Against:- Councillors Boles, Bunney, Clews, Cotton, Darcel, Dobbie, Oliver, Panter Rainsforth, Rollings, J Snee, M Snee and Young (13)


Abstain: - Councillor White (1)


With a total of 19 votes in favour, 13 votes against and 1 abstention, the motion was carried and it was therefore: - 


RESOLVED that nominations for the positions detailed in recommendation 2 (a) – (i) of the report be taken en-bloc.


The Monitoring Officer again read aloud the nominations received verbally, for each position as follows:


Liberal Democrat Group Nominations



Vice / Chair


Chief Officer Employment

Cllr A White

Cllr T Young


Corporate / Policy

Cllr S Bunney

Cllr M Boles



Cllr D Cotton

Cllr D Dobbie



Cllr S Bunney

Cllr A White



Cllr J Snee

Cllr L Clews


Overview & Scrutiny





Cllr J Snee

Cllr L Clews



Cllr T Young

Cllr L Rollings


Standards Sub

Cllr D Cotton

Cllr M Snee




Members were advised that those voting “for” would be voting for the nominations as in the printed report, those against for the names provided verbally and detailed above.


Again a Member requested that the decision be subject to a recorded vote, with the request duly seconded.


On being put to the vote, votes were cast in  ...  view the full minutes text for item 87