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Public Participation Period

Up to 15 minutes are allowed for public participation.  Participants are restricted to 3 minutes each.

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There was no public participation at this point in the meeting.


To Approve the Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 481 KB

i)       Meeting of the Planning Committee held on 11 August 2021

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RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting of the Planning Committee held on Wednesday, 8 September 2021 be confirmed and signed as an accurate record.


Declarations of Interest

Members may make any declarations of interest at this point but may also make them at any time during the course of the meeting.


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Councillor J. Milne declared a non-pecuniary interest with regard to application number 143441 (agenda item 6a) as it was a West Lindsey District Council application. This was noted for all Members of the Committee.


Update on Government/Local Changes in Planning Policy


Note – the status of Neighbourhood Plans in the District may be found via this link


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The Committee heard from the Interim Planning Manager (Development Management with the following update.


The Consultation on the first draft of the revised CLLP had ended on 24 August 2021 and a summary of the responses would be presented at the next Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee on 18 October 2021. The report would be made public and would be available on the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan website prior to the meeting taking place. These responses would be used to help inform further refinement to policy. The Draft Local Plan would then be presented to the Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee again early 2022 and would then again be publically consulted on in spring 2022.


The following update regarding Neighbourhood Plans in the district was also provided.


Neighbourhood Plan/s


Planning Decision


Made Neighbourhood Plans

Brattleby, Caistor*, Cherry Willingham, Dunholme, Great Limber, Lea, Nettleham*, Osgodby, Riseholme, Scotter, Scothern, Saxilby, Welton, Willoughton, Glentworth, Spridlington, Sudbrooke, Scotton, Bishop Norton and Atterby, Gainsborough, and Morton.

Full weight

Corringham NP

Examination almost completed. PC has responded to examiner’s questions raised in his Clarification Note. There doesn’t appear to be any major issues. The Note and PC’s responses can be viewed on our website. Examiner expects to issue his Fact Check Report shortly. This is where the examiner will let both PC and WLDC see his report subject to fact checking. His recommendations will not change.

Increasing weight

Sturton by Stow and Stow joint NP

Consultation on the submission version of NP (Reg16) has just started. Closes 22 October. The NP comprises several documents. The NP itself plus policy supporting documents on: local green spaces, neighbourhood profiles, protected views, and heritage assets including non-designated ones.

Increasing weight

Hemswell Cliff NP

Consultation on the draft version of NP(Reg14) has ended. PC confident of will quick turn round so expect to receive submission version (Reg16) soon.

Some weight

Fiskerton NP

PC has asked WLDC only to comment on a pre-consultation version (early draft pre Reg 14). As may be remembered, the original Fiskerton NP was withdrawn by the PC in 2019. This is a new version of NP based it is understood on new consultation evidence.

Little weight

Neighbourhood Plans

- made (21)

- in preparation (20)

- in pipeline (42)

- being reviewed (2)*

To view all of WLDC’s neighbourhood plans go to:

NP stage-weighting

-Made–full weight

-Referendum successful–full weight

-Examination successful/Decision Statement issued–significant weight

-Submission Reg16–increasing weight

-Draft Reg14 - some weight

-Designated – little weight





143441 - Depot Caenby Corner pdf icon PDF 725 KB

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The Chairman introduced the first application of the evening, application number 143441, seeking permission to erect a new operational services depot to facilitate waste services in the region, including an operations office and staff welfare building, external yard for storage and maintenance of the vehicle fleet, bulky storage facility, staff and visitor parking, and site landscaping being variation of condition 2, 3 and 6 of planning permission 142916 granted 27 May 2021 re: wording of conditions, on land East of A15/North of A631 Caenby Corner Market Rasen.


The Committee heard there had been further comments from LCC Highways and LLFA, raising no objection and stating “The proposal does not have an impact on the Public Highway or Surface Water Flood Risk.”. The West Lindsey District Council Growth Team had made no comment. Guidance from the Environment Agency stated:

“The proposed development is located within a source protection zone and it is indicated that vehicle washing would take place on site. To reduce the risks to people and the environment the suitability of the location with respect to the protection of groundwater will need to be considered. In particular, mitigation is likely to be required to control risk to groundwater from vehicle washing and non-mains sewage discharge. Vehicle washing should be undertaken in a designated washing bay which should be designed so that run-off is isolated and directed to a silt trap or settlement tank. Run-off should either be collected in a sealed system for reuse, or collected in a sealed system for authorised disposal if connection to mains sewerage is not possible.”


With no registered speakers, the Chairman opened for comments from the Committee, first moving the recommendation from the Chair. A Member of the Committee sought confirmation that the footprint of the wash bay remained the same. This was confirmed to be the case.


Having been seconded by a Member of the Committee, the Chairman took the vote and it was, unanimously,


RESOLVED that permission be delegated back to officers to grant planning permission with conditions, subject to consideration of any further representations received within the consultation period, up to and including 13 September 2021.



143333 - 43 Pingle Close, Gainsborough pdf icon PDF 49 KB

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The second application of the evening was introduced by the Chairman. Application number 143333 for ground floor extension to form garage, together with first floor extension, at 43 Pingle Close Gainsborough.


With no update from the Officer and no registered speakers, the Chairman invited comments from the Committee. Members welcomed the details of potential shading across the neighbouring property and, having been moved and seconded, it was unanimously agreed that permission be GRANTED subject to the following conditions.  


Conditions stating the time by which the development must be commenced:


1. The development hereby permitted shall be begun before the expiration of three years from the date of this permission.


Reason: To conform with Section 91 (1) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended).


Conditions which apply or require matters to be agreed before the development commenced:




Conditions which apply or are to be observed during the course of the development:


2. With the exception of the detailed matters referred to by the conditions of this consent, the development hereby approved shall be carried out in accordance with the following drawings:

Site Location & Block Plan ref. D04 Rev P01

Proposed First Floor & Garage Extension ref. D02 Rev P10

The works shall be carried out in accordance with the details shown on the approved plans and in any other approved documents forming part of the application.


Reason: To ensure the development proceeds in accordance with the approved plans and to accord with the National Planning Policy Framework and policy LP17 and LP26 of the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan.


3. The materials used in the development shall match those stated on the application form.


Reason: To ensure the use of appropriate materials to accord with the National Planning Policy Framework and Policy LP26 of the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan.


Conditions which apply or relate to matters which are to be observed following completion of the development:




142948 - 5 Colins Walk, Scotter pdf icon PDF 192 KB

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The Chairman introduced the final application, number 142948, for rear conservatory and raised terrace, including boundary treatments, at 5 Colins Walk Scotter. There was no Officer update and so the Chairman invited the first of the registered speakers to address the Committee.


Mr Paul Watkins, on behalf of the applicant, made the following statement.


Clearly I'm speaking on behalf of Mrs Jean Barwick. She is 80 years of age, and felt somewhat intimidated about coming and addressing the meeting herself. So what I’d like to do is just go through for her. It's my understanding that the main areas of concern here relate to the way the conservatory has been built, namely the way it has been raised up. This has led to a complaint that Mrs Barwick can see into the bedroom of the complainant’s bungalow. When Mrs Barwick bought the property it only had one entrance door. This was a concern, clearly, in the event of the fire. The building of the conservatory allowed a rear door to also be constructed. But due to the nature of the rear gardens of property the conservatory had to be built up, obviously so you ended up with a level floor inside the property itself. Where the step from the conservatory comes down onto the garden is near the adjoining property currently. I understand that additional plans have been or are being made to rectify that.


The statement the view would be spoiled by the installation of the screen doesn't really hold up that much as far as we can see, because the complainants yard itself is actually very cluttered, and they were talking about wanting to see the brook at the bottom. If they actually did some husbandry inside their own property that would solve the problem that wouldn't need to be looking across towards Mrs Barwick's.


The thing about looking into the bedroom window is a bit difficult. I've had a look before coming here this evening and it's a flat window facing out, both of them. She would have to stand on the steps and look back to actually look into the window and there is one occasion where she said she was speaking to the complainant and what she said was that she had the window open and she was talking to her. I'm sorry but if you’re stood talking to somebody through an open window you can generally see things inside. But generally speaking according to Mrs Barwick and from what I've seen itself this evening they’ve got blinds on that window which clearly are closed most of the time apparently.


With regards to the spoiled view by the erection of the screen I have to say that when you rent or buy a property, you do not buy or rent a view that is something that can change over time. The screen was an idea to solve the privacy issues that were raised by complainants. They do seem a bit hell bent  ...  view the full minutes text for item 46.


Determination of Appeals

As at 31 August 2021, there were no appeal determinations to be noted.

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There were no appeal determinations for noting.