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On 19 July 2018, the Corporate Policy & Resources Committee approved a recommendation for an “in principle” allocation of £200k funding from the Capital Programme towards the delivery of growth projects detailed within the Market Rasen Vision & 3 Year Strategy subject to:


·         Consultation and support for the strategy

·         Setting up of an agreed implementation mechanism i.e. Charitable Incorporated Organisation

·         Suitable financial regulation


The purpose of the funding was to enable Market Rasen to maximise the benefits derived from housing led growth to create a self-sustaining town with capacity to address social, economic and environmental issues.


Members gave consideration to a report which sought to update the Committee on progress made in supporting growth and regeneration in Market Rasen.


Since the funding was approved, Market Rasen Town Council had been unable to bring forward and agree projects that met the requirements set out in the originally approved report, the reasons for which were outlined in the report.


Given that over two years had lapsed, it had been considered appropriate to review the capital programme commitment. It would be essential for the Prosperous Communities and Corporate Policy & Resources Committees to review and agree any changes whilst also continuing to commit to the principles of local consultation and wider support.


Senior Officers had begun a series of meetings to review the challenges and opportunities. An outline heritage-led proposal, (based upon Market Rasen’s Heritage Action Zone Bid) had been identified as an option that aligned with priorities raised and supported previously with the community and Market Rasen Town Council.


Section 3 of the report outlined how the heritage lead approach may be facilitated, namely by a Council led partnership to develop a small-scale Townscape Heritage project.  It was anticipated that such a project would act as the catalyst for the heritage-led regeneration of Market Rasen town centre and would provide an opportunity to seek match funding to increase the reach and impact of the investment.


If Members were minded to approve this revised approach, the next steps would be to develop a fully costed project and scheme plan. This would include the creation of key documents required for the delivery of a historic buildings grant scheme as detailed within the report.


Section 6 of the report set out indicative timescales should the proposal be supported. There would also be the need to establish partnership and governance arrangements.  Section 7 of the report detailed at a high level what such a partnership may look like, although it was noted governance arrangements would form part of any future report.


Debate ensued and Members from across the Chamber whole-heartedly welcomed the change in approach, particularly welcomed was the increased Officer support and expertise being afforded as part of the revised delivery model.


Members made reference to the successes delivered by the Gainsborough THI Project.  It was recognised that there was a real opportunity to apply the learning and knowledge gained through those previous successes to deliver similar benefits to Market Rasen.  The proposed approached also facilitated greater community engagement, partnership working and match funding opportunities all of which were commended.


Having been moved and seconded, on being put to the vote it was unanimously: -




(a)     the principle of utilising the allocated £200k capital budget to fund a Townscape Heritage project in Market Rasen, be approved and in doing so the principles of this funding allocation, as set out in the report of 19 July 2018 to Corporate Policy & Resources Committee, be rescinded.


(b)     a fully costed Townscape Heritage project and scheme plan be developed for approval by Prosperous Communities Committee, in June 2021, (with recommendation to the Corporate Policy and Resources Committee as appropriate).



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