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As advised within the accompanying report, now active within West Lindsey are the Gainsborough Transport Strategy Delivery Board (GTSDB) and the Lincoln Transport Strategy Delivery Board (LTSDB).


Both meetings of, and attendance at these Boards, had to date, been on an ad hoc basis.


In order that the Council could maintain effective partnerships within these Boards and in recognition that WLDC holds the role of a key stakeholder it was recommended to Members that Membership of these Boards be formalised beyond the current ad hoc arrangements.


Members were therefore asked to formally recognise the Gainsborough Transport Strategy Delivery Board (GTSDB) and the Lincoln Transport Strategy Delivery Board (LTSDB) as formal outside bodies and to formally appoint Members to serve on each of the Boards as set out within the report.


Members were made aware of a recent appointment made to the North Notts Community Rail Partnership, which was a welcomed development.


A Councillor who had attended some of the meetings questioned the description of the Gainsborough group.  The report suggested that the Group looked at an area wider than Gainsborough, however this had not been the case. As such he was disappointed that Gainsborough Members were not being proposed for appointment. 


The Chief Executive confirmed the description of the Group had been provided by the organiser of the meetings at the County Council, however further investigations could be undertaken.


The Chief Executive at the request of a Member clarified, that he would seek confirmation that the Group were operating within their description and make amendments if deemed necessary either to the description of the Group or the Membership, should that seem appropriate.


It was suggested that the appointments be revisited at Annual Council, in response to numerous comments and points raised.  The Democratic Team Manager confirmed that whilst the Group had been in operation for a number of years, the Council had never formally appointed representatives.  Representation appeared to have changed and had fluctuated. This paper merely served to formalise membership and recognise the appointments as outside bodies.  It was not being suggested that those Members listed in the report had been the Members previously attending such meetings.  The report had been shared with the two leading groups Group Leaders’ and the nominations had arisen as a result.  Whilst all outside body membership could be reviewed at any time should Members deem it necessary the report did recommend these appointments be made until 2023 to bring them in line with the vast majority of the Council’s other outside body appointments.


Councillor Boles confirmed this to be his understanding and confirmed he had been in attendance as a County Councillor.  Re-affirming his position that the Group very much had a Gainsborough focus and that the description was inaccurate.


On being put to the vote it was RESOLVED that : -



(a)     Council formalises appointments to the Gainsborough Transport Strategy Delivery Board (GTSDB) and the Lincoln Transport Strategy Delivery Board  (LTSDB) and as such these Boards be recognised as Outside Bodies; and



(b)     That the following Councillors be appointed to the following Boards until Annual Council in May 2023.


Gainsborough Transport Strategy Delivery Board –GTSDB


Councillor Tracey Coulson

Councillor Trevor Young

Councillor Jim Snee (Reserve)


Lincoln Transport Strategy Delivery Board - LTSDB


Councillor Steve England

Councillor Giles McNeill

Councillor Angela White (Reserve)



Note: The Deputy Monitoring Officer left the meeting prior to consideration of       the next item of business due to a conflict of interest.



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