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The Committee gave consideration to a report from the Assistant Director of Commercial and Operational Services regarding progress with the introduction of a twin stream recycling collection service in Lincolnshire and proposing a timescale for roll out in West Lindsey. It was explained that this was a county wide project led by Lincolnshire Waste Partnership,  with links to the objectives of the Joint Municipal Waste Strategy for Lincolnshire and would deliver a number of environmental benefits. Members heard that full roll out had taken place in Boston in April and was currently underway in North Kesteven, following successful trials. West Lindsey could potentially be rolling out the scheme in the spring of 2022, which Officers felt was a good timeframe as problems associated with the initial roll out would have been ironed out. If approved, it would result in the introduction of a new 240ltr purple lidded bin for the separate collection of paper and card and this bin would be collected on a 4 weekly cycle (black, blue, black & purple). This would not affect the garden waste service.


It was highlighted that there were significant environmental benefits associated with introducing this scheme, including collecting a better quality and higher quantity product, no increase in the carbon impact of collections as the methodology would remain the same and it also would achieve a reduction in the carbon impact of Material Recycling Facilities, as this step would no longer be needed. Members were advised that this initiative was about recovering a valuable resource and to help deal with contamination. The current recycling mix had over a 30% contamination rate and this contamination impacted most heavily on paper and card by reducing its value and quality. Boston was already reporting benefits as, since implementation, their contamination rate had dropped from 35% to 20%. In the first week of collection in North Kesteven, they collected over 400 tonnes of paper and card that could be put back into the paper stream.


As the disposal authority, Lincolnshire County Council were funding the scheme (comms, additional resources such as boots on ground talking to residents), and they were also supplying the bins and any replacements until 2024.


Potential issues were summarised as follows:


·         This would be a major service change and would have implications for most residents in terms of housing an extra bin and changing their recycling behaviours. Operational Services were experienced in delivering major change including the triple bin scheme, introducing a subscription based garden waste service and moving to a new depot. It was, however, important to work closely with Lincolnshire County Council, especially considering the lessons learnt from the roll out at other councils, in order that it happen as smoothly as possible in West Lindsey

·         The scheme could not be implemented in the South West Ward of Gainsborough as the mills could not currently handle bags, however, the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership was working to find a solution.

·         Finally, a hard line was being taken on contaminated bins in order to set expectations and behaviours early on, however this could lead to negative feedback from residents as bins could be rejected.

Despite these potential difficulties, it was explained to the Committee that the recommendation was to introduce a twin stream recycling collection service in areas of the district which received a wheeled bin collection service, as per option two within the report.


The Chairman thanked Officers for their work on this proposal and invited comments from the Committee. There was recognition of the potential complaints regarding multiple bins, the need for storage space and collections being seen to be reduced, however, Members were keen to emphasise the importance of maximising recycling opportunities and highlighted the success of previous changes, particularly the triple bin scheme. It was agreed that district wide communications needed to be the priority and engagement with residents from the outset would have a great impact on the success of the scheme.


With support from Members, and having been moved and seconded, it was unanimously


RESOLVED that a twin stream recycling collection service, including separate collections of paper and card, in areas of the district which receive a wheeled bin collection service, as per option two of the report, be introduced.


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