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The Committee gave consideration to a report from the Homes, Health and Wellbeing Team Manager seeking approval for the capital budgets for four projects to be funded from S106 affordable housing contributions held by the council. The process of securing S106 contributions was explained, as was the process for establishing infrastructure needs within the Local Plan. It was explained that the Council was receiving an increasing amount of S106 commuted sums in lieu of on-site delivery of affordable housing, which was reflective of the challenging and changing environment in relation to affordable housing delivery generally.


It had been recognised that a more structured approach to the use of this money needed to be established to ensure transparency and provide a clear process for all registered affordable housing providers to access funding. Work had been undertaken to establish a procedure, which included an application form and grant funding agreement (GFA). This allowed a full and robust assessment of the proposal, ensuring that the proposal accorded with the requirements of the S106 in which the funding was secured from, alongside establishing why the funding was necessary, that the proposal met West Lindsey’s Corporate Priorities and most importantly how the proposal would meet the evidenced housing needs of West Lindsey. This process also incorporated the financial due diligence necessary for the application to progress and gave key detail about the project seeking funding.


Members heard that the Council held £3,905,123.87 of S106 contributions, of which £3,771,594.73 was required to be spent on the delivery of affordable housing, £2,500.00 for Public Open Space and £131,029.14 held for health on behalf of NHS. Affordable housing off site contributions received through S106 agreements were to be allocated and spent by the council to deliver affordable housing across the district.


The proposal for consideration by the Committee requested a Capital Budget and approval to spend for the Affordable Housing Programme of new schemes totalling £268,250, and approval to spend existing budgets within the Capital Programme of £1,600,000 for the schemes set out in the report.


The Committee thanked the Homes, Health and Wellbeing Team Manager for the detail contained within her report and recognised the changing nature of the work involved. Members enquired as to whether the council had any influence on where the NHS allocated money could be spent in the district and it was explained that the council held the money for the NHS but had no input on how it was spent.


There was discussion amongst Committee Members regarding the importance of involving Ward Members in conversations as to where or how S106 money may be spent in their wards. There was widespread agreement that, whilst there may be limitations on how the money could be spent, should Members have any suggestions, it would be worthwhile to speak with Officers to ascertain whether they were possible. Likewise, it was recognised that it was essential that Officers liaised with Ward Members where there were suggested projects in their wards.


The Chairman thanked the Homes, Health and Wellbeing Team Manager once again, and, having been proposed and seconded, took the vote. It was unanimously


            RESOLVED that


a)    new capital budgets and expenditure of £268,250 (£42,000 P3, Rough Sleeper Accommodation Programme (RSAP) and £226,250 Ongo, Stow Park Road Marton), funded from S106 contributions, be approved; and


b)    expenditure of £1,600,000 and amendments to the existing capital schemes be approved; those being: £100,000 LEAP, Supported accommodation project; amendment from 10 properties to be purchased to 7 and £1,500,000 Lace Housing; extra Care Housing was being delivered by Lace at Linelands Nettleham, to be amended to Prebend Lane, Welton,.

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