Agenda item

Licence Number: TBC

Hearing Type: Application for the Grant of Premises Licence

Applicant: Mr Lee Fox

Premises: “Kings Entertainment Venue” Trinity Street, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 2AL



Licence Number: TBC

Hearing Type: Grant of a Premises Licence

Premises: “Kings Entertainment Venue” Trinity Street, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire DN21 2AL

Applicant:  Mr Lee Fox


The Chairman set out the procedure that would be followed, as detailed in Appendix A to the agenda. The Licensing and Land Charges Team Manager was requested to present his report, which set out the circumstances leading to the application having being brought before the Sub-Committee, as detailed in the report attached to the agenda.


The applicant then outlined his application, highlighting the following points:


·         The hope was to turn Kings into an entertainment centre that would encompass as many different parts of the community as possible.  He did not want the venue to simply be a nightclub, or public house;


·         An access ramp had been installed to allow disabled access to the building;


·         The community had asked whether different types of nights could be hosted, namely band nights, comedy nights, jazz nights and opera nights;


·         Coffee mornings and refreshments were an option, to be held whilst the bar was closed;


·         Young people under the age of 18 would be supervised on the premises and must have adults present to keep an eye on them;


·         Lincolnshire Police have specified the CCTV system they would recommend; the applicant would be happy to install this.  Cameras would also desirable for the outside of the property;


·         Before sending in his application, the applicant consulted with Lincolnshire Police, and was sent a document with all of their conditions attached.  This was attached at Appendix 2 of the agenda pack.


At this point, Lincolnshire Police then gave their views on the application:


·         Lincolnshire Police did not object to this application in principle;


·         A set of conditions were sent to the applicant.  This was prior to the application being submitted;


·         A site visit was carried out by the Police; the only problem that was foreseen was the wide array of events that the applicant wanted to hold;


·         Some events will have very little risk attached to them, whereas others, such as football matches, boxing and wrestling have a higher level of risk;


·         The work done on the building itself was very impressive; the Police want to back up this work by upholding the licensing conditions.



Members then took the opportunity to ask questions of the applicant.  Further information was provided;


·         There will be a ticket office at the venue; alternatively there will be an online booking facility.  Events will be ticket-only;


·         The applicant had worked in several similar establishments many years ago.  There were three gentlemen who were ex-landlords that will help run the property;


·         There will be appropriate door staff for the sale of alcohol;


·         The property was in a residential area with a lot of street parking around.  The applicant had been speaking to Tesco, who were happy to give the use of their rear car park for excess car parking;


·         Adult entertainment is allowed once a month for eleven months for no longer than twenty-four hours.  The applicant had been asked whether he would host strip shows; these would likely be once a year;


·         Where an event required a greater number of door staff, this would be provided.


Note: Following advice from the Legal Advisor, the applicant agreed to amend his application in line with that of the Police.


Note: The hearing adjourned at 1041 to allow the Police and the applicant to finalise the conditions in the application.


The hearing reconvened at 1103 to confirm these conditions had been finalised, and then adjourned again at 1105 to allow Panel members to deliberate.


Note: The hearing reconvened at 1149.


                                    RESOLVED that:


The sub-committee have read the report, heard from the applicant, Lincolnshire Police and the Licensing and Local Land Charges Manager. 


Having regard to all that they have read and heard, and the statutory guidance, legislation and the licensing objectives and West Lindsey District Council policies, the sub-committee retired to make a decision.


The sub-committee heard from the applicant that he intends to provide an entertainment venue that will provide a wide variety of entertainment nights including boxing/wrestling nights, themed dinner and a show nights, music/band nights and comedy nights.  The applicant also explained that he had intentions to also provide a coffee shop during the day but that the bar would be closed at these times.


The applicant confirmed to Members that the events would be ticketed – bought from a box office at the premises or online.


The sub-committee considered the comments of Lincolnshire Police, and how they do not object to the application in principle, but due to the wide nature of proposed licensable activities they felt a robust scrutiny of the proposed conditions to ensure that the licensing objectives are promoted and not at risk of being undermined.


A list of revised, agreed conditions was presented to the sub-committee and the applicant agreed that he would amend his application, and for the sub-committee to consider the revised list of conditions.


The sub-committee, having regard to all that they have read and heard, and for statutory guidance, legislation and licensing policy consider it appropriate for the promotion of the licensing objectives to grant the premises licence subject to the revised list of agreed conditions presented to them during the hearing, any mandatory conditions, and a condition regarding signage at all exits reminding patrons to leave quietly because of the residential area where the premises is located.


The parties have a right of appeal within 21 days of receiving the written notification to the Magistrates’ Court.



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