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Members gave consideration to a report which sought to establish a community lottery in West Lindsey.  This would be an on-line lottery operating on a similar principle to other community lotteries, such as the Health Lottery with the proceeds being distributed to local charities.


30 Local Authorities currently operated community lottery schemes and the principles of the Scheme were set out in the report.


Debate ensued and Members were hopeful that the scheme would be well supported and had the potential to be a valued addition to the community grant activity currently in operation and would be of benefit to the District


Councillor Young proposed the following amendment “That in its first year of operation this Council supports the proceeds achieved through the Lottery Scheme would be paid to the Gainsborough Indoor Bowls Club for the replacement of a new indoors bowls facility”.


The morality of gambling was discussed, such lotteries were common and did generate funds for communities.  People would have the reassurance monies spent would be re-invested into the local community and would be able to choose which charities/ community groups they supported. 


On the whole the initiative was supported and the recommendations in the paper were moved.


In response to questions, Officers confirmed there would be no roll-overs and matching the sequence of numbers was a factor in winning some of the prizes.  The format did differ from the most commonly recognised namely the National Lottery. Page 59 of the report packs set out the winning combinations.


A Member did raise concerns regarding the setting up costs, and worried these would spiral out of control.  These were clearly laid out in the final implications section of the report and assurance was offered that if further funding was required, although this was not anticipated, this would only be with Committee’s agreement.  There would be minimal impact on Council resources including staff, as the running of the lottery would be undertaken on a day to day basis by Gatherwell on behalf of the Council. 


The amendment proposed earlier in the debate was seconded.


It was further moved and duly seconded that the amendment which had been moved and seconded be put to a recorded vote.


The recorded vote was duly taken with those present voting as set out below: -


For: - Councillors Rollings and Young.


Against: - Councillors Bardsley, Bibb, Bierley, Darcel, Devine, England, Mewis, Parish, and Summers


Abstain: - Councillor McNeill


With a total of 2 votes for, 9 votes against and 1 abstention, the motion was declared lost.


The recommendations as set out in the report having being earlier moved were seconded and on being put to the vote it was




(a)     the launch and delivery of a Council run Community Lottery Scheme as detailed within the report be approved;


(b)     the re-allocation of funds from the Community Grants programme budget to launch and deliver the community lottery be approved; and


(c)     it be RECOMMENDED  to the Corporate Policy and Resources Committee that the proposed distribution of funds raised from the community lottery be approved. 


Supporting documents: