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(Ellen King)


Members gave consideration to the Progress and Delivery report for period three (October – December) 2019 – 20.


It was noted that a total of 87.6% of the Council’s key performance indicators were either meeting or exceeding target, compared to 77.5% at the same point last year, representing an improvement of 10.1%.  In addition, 12.4% of the Council’s key performance measures were below target compared to 21.5% at the same point last year.


Debate ensued and Members made a number of comments in respect of the Leisure Centre, Markets, and Heritage.


A member also expressed frustration at the content of the report, particularly in respect of those actions that were not hitting their targets and the lack of supporting commentary.  It was considered that details around the causes and impacts, how it was intended to get the target back on track and timescales involved would all be of assistance and were required if the Committee were able to effectively monitor performance.


In responding Officers indicated, they agreed with the sentiment expressed by Members with regard to the lack of supporting commentary against struggling targets. Officers went as far to suggest, that from a Management Team point of view, it would be useful to have that sort of detail even for targets exceeding performance in order that performance as a whole could be better managed.  It was hoped the change in reporting style planned for 20/21 would facilitate this.  Officers committed to the period four report being better expressed.


With regard to the Leisure Centre, it was acknowledged that cleanliness continued to be a concern.  As a result mystery shopper style visits were being undertaken.  The contract manager was in regular discussion with the contract provider and was undertaking independent assessments.  The Council had also  requested data from assessments undertaken by the contract provider.  Assurance was offered that this matter was being monitored. 


Members suggested that feedback should also be sought from the clubs and schools which used the facilities.


With regard to Markets, Officers reminded Members that they had agreed to a 2 year contract with Dransfield properties in a bid to raise the profile of the market, hold events and attract visitors.  This was still considered the right course of action and with the development of the new cinema it was hoped this would encourage and change the footfall in that area. Again assurance was offered that Officers were doing all they could to encourage use of and the longevity of the Market Place.


It was noted there had been difficulty in recruiting to the Heritage posts, however successful appointments had now been made and therefore it was hoped that progress would be seen relatively quickly.


Finally, Members placed on record their congratulations to Trinity Arts Centre and hoped their previous performance would be borne in mind when the performance for period 4 was recorded, bearing in mind the closure that had been enforced earlier in the day.


RESOLVED that having assessed the performance of the Council’s services through agreed performance measures and having had regard to the remedial measures suggested in the report, and the information provided in response to Member questions, no further remedial actions be requested at this stage.




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