Committee details

Purpose of committee

(a sub-committee of the Regulatory Committee)

To discharge, in accordance with statutory requirements and Council policy, the council’s registration, licensing and enforcement responsibilities in respect of all licensing matters, including:

(a) hackney carriage and private hire

(b) street and house to house collections

(c) street trading

(d) pet shops

(e) animal boarding and breeding

(f) riding establishments

(g) skin piercing (personal and premises licences)

(h) caravan sites

(i) scrap metal licences

(j) dangerous and wild animals

(k) zoos

(l) sex shops and sexual entertainment venues

(m) appeals against notices served by officers in relation to these functions



Any Member wishing to serve or substitute on this Sub-Committee must have undertaken such training as deemed appropriate by the Monitoring Officer, and as a minimum, within the previous two years of the date of the meeting.

Any member of the Regulatory Committee may be called upon to sit on the Regulatory Sub-Committee to hear applications for review pertaining to the above matters (three Members plus one reserve).

The quorum shall be three Members.

Meetings of the Regulatory Sub-Committee be convened as and when necessary.