Committee details

Purpose of committee

The Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee has been established to set out a more strategic vision for western Lincolnshire up to 2026 and to take a unified approach to the promotion and growth of the wider Lincoln region, which has cross-border implications.


The Central Lincolnshire area spans from the southern areas of North Kesteven up to the northern villages of West Lindsey and incorporates the City of Lincoln.  


This arrangement takes over the forward planning function of the District Councils.  It does not affect the Development Control functions of these Councils.


NKDC is the legal secretariat for this Joint Authority.


To view agendas / reports / minutes and membership of this meeting – visit


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From that page you can also access NKDC’s Document Library which includes documents relating to this Committee – including, the Joint Committee’s Standing Orders,  the Public Participation Scheme applied to this Committee and the legal Order which created this joint Authority.


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