Meeting attendance

Venue:   Council Chamber - The Guildhall, Marshall's Yard, Gainsborough, DN21 2NA

Contact:    James Welbourn
Democratic and Civic Officer

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Councillor Mrs Jessie Milne Chair Present
Councillor Mrs Angela Lawrence Vice-Chairman Present
Councillor Mrs Gillian Bardsley Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Owen Bierley Committee Member Present
Councillor David Cotton Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Paul Howitt-Cowan Committee Member Present
Councillor Mrs Pat Mewis Committee Member Present
Councillor Richard Oaks Committee Member Absent
Councillor Mrs Maureen Palmer Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Mrs Judy Rainsforth Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Mrs Diana Rodgers Committee Member Present
Councillor Lewis Strange Committee Member Present
Phil Hinch Officer In attendance
Andy Gray Officer In attendance
Kathryn Hearn Officer In attendance
Katie Storr Officer In attendance
Ele Snow Officer In attendance
James Welbourn Officer In attendance