Meeting attendance

Venue:   Council Chamber - The Guildhall

Contact:    James Welbourn
Democratic and Civic Officer

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Councillor John McNeill Chairman Present
Councillor Mrs Jackie Brockway Vice-Chairman Present
Councillor Mrs Tracey Coulson Committee Member Apologies, sent representative
Councillor Christopher Darcel Committee Member Present
Councillor David Dobbie Committee Member Present
Councillor Mrs Caralyne Grimble Committee Member Present
Councillor Mrs Jessie Milne Committee Member Present as substitute
Councillor Mrs Angela White Committee Member Present
Alison Adams Co-Optee Present
Andrew Morriss Co-Optee Present
Peter Walton Co-Optee Present
Alan Robinson Officer In attendance
Tracey Bircumshaw Officer In attendance
James O'Shaughnessy Officer In attendance
John Sketchley Officer In attendance
Natalie Kostiuk Officer In attendance
Ele Snow Officer In attendance
Carolyn Lancaster Officer Expected
James Welbourn Officer Expected
Julie Heath Officer Expected