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The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed all present to the second virtual meeting of Full Council.


The Monitoring Officer was requested to undertake the formal roll-call to confirm all Members were in attendance.


The roll-call for both Members and Officers was undertaken, during which apologies were noted from Councillors Cotton, Dobbie, Regis and Waller.




Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 468 KB

To confirm as a correct record the Minutes of the previous meeting held on 29 June 2020.

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a)      Minutes of the Meeting of Full Council held on 29 June 2020


Having being moved and seconded, on being put to the vote it was:


RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Meeting of Full Council held on 29 June 2020 be confirmed and signed as a correct record.



Members' Declarations of Interest

Members may make any declarations of interest at this point and may also make them at any point during the meeting.

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Councillors Mandy Snee and Jim Snee declared a personal interest in relation to agenda item 9 (b) (New Fee for Community Defibrillator Scheme) as the item was being presented to Members by their son. 


Councillor Tracey Coulson also declared a personal interest in relation to agenda item 9 (b) (New Fee for Community Defibrillator Scheme) as her company was a custodian for a defibrillator and would be eligible to apply for the scheme.




Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 156 KB

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The Chairman introduced the report advising Members that the report would be taken “as read” unless Members’ had any questions.


With no questions posed and with no requirement for a vote, the Matters Arising were DULY NOTED.






i)              Chairman of Council

ii)             Leader of the Council

iii)           Chief Executive

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The Chairman started his announcements advising that due to the continued restrictions in place many events that would have taken place were either cancelled or postponed.


However with the wonders of technology, he been able to attend some events virtually, especially Armed Forces Day and Merchant Navy Day, the latter accompanied by the Leader and Chief Executive.


The Chairman had been able to attend, in person, the public opening of the superb new facility at Market Rasen where he had been joined again by the Leader and Ward Members.


On the 25th of August, along with Councillors Rodgers and Grimble the Chairman had  welcomed the Chief Executive for a tour of the Dunholme and Welton Ward which he hoped had been both informative and useful for the Chief Executive.


Over the Bank Holiday weekend, accompanied by the Leader, the Chairman had had the pleasure of visiting the Continental Market in Gainsborough. It had been great to speak to many of the stallholders and customers and have the opportunity to purchase some of the “goodies” on offer. He made special mention of one particular stall holder, and daughter of a fellow Councillor who had been manning a stall selling bird boxes to fund a trip next year to Ecuador.


In concluding his announcements, the Chairman commented on her remarkable commitment, her adventurous spirit and wished her well, before handing over to the Leader.





The Leader made the following address to Council: -


“Chairman, when this Council last met, some ten weeks ago, at the end of June  we were three months into lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic was upon us.  Whilst lockdown has loosened, we continue to confront this emergency. I had  hoped that we might have made more progress and be able to hold meetings  once again in the Chamber. This has not been possible. 


The impact on the Council’s finances of this pandemic is significant, with reduced  income and additional costs, a portion of which are still not being met by HM  Government. I have regular contact at ministerial level and will continue to press  the Secretary of State on this point.  


I remain tremendously proud of our Officers at the Guildhall, who have changed  their ways of working, changed the work they are doing, and the overwhelming  majority have decamped to their homes to work remotely. These changes were  handled with considerable agility and in a way that minimised disruption to our residents. 


We are now faced with increased financial uncertainty from the long-term effects  of Covid-19 in addition to the impact of the, once again, delayed Fairer Funding  Review and Business Rates Retention Review. Whilst it is right that we should all  be deeply concerned at any reduction in overall funding levels, this administration  remains dedicated to continue with delivery of our plans to build a brighter future  for everyone in West Lindsey; through effective and efficient delivery of our services and ensuring that every penny of public money is spent wisely. 


Nevertheless,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 20.


Public Question Time pdf icon PDF 164 KB

Any questions submitted under the Public Question Time Scheme will be published once the deadline for submissions has expired.

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The Chairman advised the meeting that one question had been submitted to the meeting.  The question had been submitted by the Reverend Jon Harper, from Scotter.  Unfortunately Mr Harper had not been able to attend the meeting due to a prior commitment and therefore the Chairman requested that an Officer read the question aloud to the meeting.


The Monitoring Officer read the question as follows: -


“Recent reports - eg - have revealed shockingly high Gainsborough poverty levels, including an indefensible child poverty rate of 44% in one area.


Increasing numbers are dependent on food parcels from Gainsborough Food Bank, Affordable Foods, the Salvation Army etc. The Venue at Roses alone has already provided over 700 meals.


What are WLDC doing about this unnecessary problem in the 21st century? Should this major concern not be an item at every council meeting until resolved?


Will the Council consider bringing in an organisation such as Child Poverty Action Group, or similar, to help formulate an action plan?”


The Chairman thanked the Reverend Harper, in his absence, and invited Councillor Giles McNeill , Leader of the Council to respond.


The Leader provided the following statement in response: -


“I welcome the question from Rev. Harper and the opportunity to respond to it.


What are WLDC doing about this unnecessary problem in the 21st century?


West Lindsey District Council have a proactive approach to supporting vulnerable  communities, each year we prepare our State of the District report, which looks at  the current position of the District and the characteristics of the people who live  and work here.  This work is vital. It enables us to understand what issues need to be addressed, to achieve our vision for the District and to see the effects of the work that we have been doing. Current active work includes, Contextual Safeguarding, the Safer Streets Fund, an Affordable Housing Solution together with numerous community engagement and development projects 


·         Contextual Safeguarding – which seeks to understand the impact on young people, of their circumstances and the behaviour they are exposed to.

·          Safer Streets Fund (CCTV and community engagement work) – Working  jointly with Lincolnshire Police with a successful bid for funds from the Government’s Safer Streets Fund that has resulted in £250,000 award for CCTV provision and enhancement, along with community engagement work in Gainsborough

·         Affordable Housing Solution – Council approved in July 2020 a package including £1m funding and transfer of 12 properties to deliver: 

·         Significant intensive holistic support to households designed to enhance education, training and life skills; 

·         Increased neighbourhood management;

·         Improving the quality of housing stock; and our longer term aim of open, green spaces with a community feel to expand on existing green spaces  

·         Various community engagement/development projects in South West Ward are already active and we are actively working to support the linking of these projects. 


Should this major concern not be an item at every council meeting until resolved? 


I would like to reassure Rev Harper that improving the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 21.


Questions Pursuant to Council Procedure Rule No. 9

Any questions submitted pursuant to Council Procedure Rule No.9 will be published once the deadline for submissions has expired.

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The Chairman confirmed to the meeting that no questions, pursuant to Council Procedural No.9, had been received.




Motions Pursuant to Council Procedure Rule No. 10

There have been no Motions pursuant to Council Procedure Rule No.10 submitted to this meeting.

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The Chairman confirmed to the meeting that no motions, pursuant to Council Procedural No.10, had been received.




Annual Treasury Report 2019-20 pdf icon PDF 895 KB

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The Chairman of the Corporate Policy and Resources Committee presented the report and advised his Committee had considered this report at their meeting on Thursday, 23rd July and had resolved to recommend the report to Full Council.  


Members were responsible for the review and scrutiny of treasury management policy and activities. The report provided details of the outturn position for treasury activities to the end of March 2020 and highlighted compliance with the Council’s policies, previously approved by members. 


The Chairman of the Corporate Policy and Resources Committee was pleased to report that there were no breaches to prudential indicators during the year and the treasury management function was undertaken in accordance with the Strategy, and Borrowing, Investments and Minimum Revenue Provision Policies. 


Worthy of note was Section 3 of the report which detailed a delegated decision  undertaken at the end of March 2020 to revise the Treasury Counterparty limits to  allow for Grant Funding received from HM Government in relation Covid-19.  Specific details in relation to this were detailed in Section 6.1 of the report. 


Investment interest of 1.655% was above the benchmark of 0.7977% generating £269,000 of income. investment balances totalled £11.6m as at the year end. 


Referencing Section 4.3 the report. Members were reminded that the report focused on activity to the end of March 2020 and whilst a gross yield of 6.53% (a net income of £721,000) was just shy of being 9% above target an impact was expected on this revenue due to Covid-19.  The balance of the Valuation volatility reserve was £1.767m. Members noted that revenue was still being generated from the Commercial Property Portfolio and, was expected to achieve close to the 6% target in the current year, despite the pandemic.  


During the year the Authority had borrowed an additional £6.5m, bringing the total amount borrowed to £20m. In addition, internal borrowing of £16.991m saved £419,000 in interest charges during the year.  


The Chairman of the Corporate Policy and Resources Committee proposed the recommendations.


With no questions posed the recommendations were seconded and on being put to the vote it was: -


RESOLVED that the recommendation from the Corporate Policy and Resources Committee be accepted and the Annual Treasury Management Report and actual Prudential Indicators 2019/20 be approved.



New Fee for Community Defibrillator Scheme pdf icon PDF 35 KB

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The Council had provided community accessible defibrillators across West Lindsey since 2016. Since launching the scheme the Authority had installed over 75 defibrillators.


On 23rd April 2020 an updated Community Defibrillator Scheme was approved by delegated decision to include the provision of a maintenance service to be provided by the Council. The Delegated Decision Notice requested that Full Council be presented with a recommendation to approve the new annual maintenance fee of £100.


Members gave consideration to a report which proposed the introduction of this new fee.


Debate ensued and Members could not speak more positively or passionately about the scheme, its necessity and the difference such machines could make especially in rural locations and communities, and in times when ambulance services were at their most stretched.


Members noted the benefits the maintenance scheme afforded such as ensuring the assets remained in working order.  Members considered the fee to be a reasonable one in response to questions, Members were advised how the machines functionality was tested, what actions were taken once a machine had been deployed and how quickly the machine became operative again once used, usually 24 to 48 hours following automatic notification.  Members were also advised there was an easy to use on-line reporting tool to report any concerns “guardians” had regarding their machines.


Further questions were asked in respect of training and it was noted that whilst training was usually offered to “guardians” on installation, current restrictions had made this offer difficult.   Officers were also mindful that people “moved on” and training and knowledge was not always passed on.  It was hoped that a series of on-line videos could be made and “cluster” training events organised once current restrictions eased.


The Leader suggested Communications Officers provide template letters that parishes could use in local magazines to promote the scheme.  Caution was expressed in not over promising delivery as sites needed to have minimum spec to host a defibrillator.


In response to further questions Officers undertook to circulate a map of the district, detailing the locations of WLDC installed defibrillators.  It was also suggested the website be updated to reflect the current number of installations as this page appeared to be out of date.


Having being proposed and seconded, on being put to the vote it was


RESOLVED that the new fee of £100 per annum for the Community Defibrillator Scheme, be approved for immediate implementation.