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Motion 1


Fly Posting


“Mr Chairman, recently the Circus visited the town of Gainsborough, and despite the current restrictions had a period of putting on shows.


Everyone would expect them to advertise their presence before arrival and display of posters in shops and so on is acceptable.


What is not acceptable is the amount of fly posting that was done by the circus, not only to advertise their coming to Gainsborough; but also as they prepared to leave fly posting as to where their next stop would be.


The fact is that even if an occasional fly post was put up that would not really be acceptable, but what happened was the circus put up three, four or five posters in one single location. Empty shop fronts were targeted and these posters once put up will over time deteriorate and then become litter, to say nothing of the eye-sore they are in situ.


Gainsborough was not the only settlement targeted; other places too had the fly posting and it is not an isolated incident. Other events are known to fly post all over the district. While we want the attractions, they advertise, to come in to the district it is the mess left behind of these fly posts, and where there are multiple posts in one location it causes more and more of an eye sore and eventual litter. Fly posts are rarely if ever taken down after events by those who place them in many locations most of which are not appropriate.


The Liberal Democrat Group collectively, and hopefully joined by other members of the council, as we are all affected by this; would like to move that a more robust stance be taken against any fly posting in the district and while accepting there are some current rules and regulations, we would like to see these firstly enforced, as they clearly are not being at the present; and secondly enhanced and made tougher.


The Council can put in place local by-laws on such matters as these and we would like to see options to do this with a possible ban on fly posting across the district to be explored and then enacted.


The cost of clearing up after these fly posts, which become litter, will be saved and then can be used to bring enforcement of a by-law. Once the knowledge is broadcast, we will substantially reduce this unwarranted and un-necessary wanton street vandalism, for that is what it is.


We therefore move the exploration of enforcement of current laws is looked at and further restrictions or a total ban on fly posting across the district is made subject to a local by-law.


We so move, collectively as a Liberal Democrat Group.”



Motion 2


Slow Ways Initiative 

“Chairman, The Slow Ways initiative is mapping and promoting walking routes nationally and in the local area, and needs support to? ?create? ?a? ?comprehensive? ?network? ?of walking? ?routes? ?that? ?connect? ?all? ?of? ?Great? ?Britain’s? ?cities? ?and? ?towns? ?as? ?well? ?as? ?thousands  ...  view the full agenda text for item 8.

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