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Chairman's Welcome

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The Chairman welcomed all present and explained the housekeeping arrangements for the night. He explained the procedure for those registered to speak on the planning applications and reminded the public gallery of the need to allow all speakers to be heard.


Public Participation Period

Up to 15 minutes are allowed for public participation.  Participants are restricted to 3 minutes each.

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There was no public participation.


To Approve the Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 520 KB

i)       Meeting of the Planning Committee held on 6 March 2019, previously circulated.

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Meeting of the Planning Committee held on 6 March 2019.


RESOLVED that the Minutes of the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 6 March 2019 be confirmed and signed as a correct record.


Declarations of Interest

Members may make any declarations of interest at this point but may also make them at any time during the course of the meeting.


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Councillor S. Bibb declared that she would be stepping down as a Committee Member for planning application number 136577 and would address Committee as Ward Member for Gainsborough North.


Councillor M. Boles declared that he was also Ward Member for Gainsborough North but had not communicated about the application and would remain as a Member of Committee.


Councillor O. Bierley declared that he had received an email representation relating to planning application 138971 and a letter relating to planning application 138794, however he had not responded to either.


Councillor R. Patterson declared that he had also received the email relating to planning application 138971 but had not responded.


Councillor I. Fleetwood declared that he had also received the email relating to planning application 138971 but had not responded.


Note:              Councillor R. Waller arrived at 6.40pm



Update on Government/Local Changes in Planning Policy


Note – the status of Neighbourhood Plans in the District may be found via this link


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The Development Management Team Leader advised the Committee of several updates regarding Neighbourhood Plans. He explained that, since the previous meeting, consultation on the submissions versions for Glentworth and Spridlington had ended and examination arrangements were awaited. Consultation on the Sudbrooke final version was due to close the following week and there were two consultations open on draft versions for Scotton and Waddingham. Further details for all Neighbourhood Plans were available on the West Lindsey website.



Planning Applications for Determination

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RESOLVED that the applications detailed in agenda item 6 be dealt with as follows:-


138971 - Irwin Road, Blyton pdf icon PDF 534 KB

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The Chairman introduced the first of the applications to be heard, application number 138971, outline planning application for up to 9no. dwellings with all matters reserved, on land east of Laughton Road adjacent to Irwin Road, Blyton. He invited the Senior Development Management Officer to provide any update to the application and it was explained that since the report was drafted, Severn Trent had confirmed it would want a connection to be at manhole 7301 because the former manhole was receiving the rising main from the Irwin Road pumping station. By making the connection into the above sewer it meant the flows would be going out into Laughton Road and not further into Irwin Road and towards where the issues may be occurring. Additional letters of objection had been received citing the risk of exacerbated flooding and stating unanimous opposition within Irwin Road and Blyton as a whole. The updates did not change the recommendation.


The Chairman notified the Committee that there were three public speakers and he invited the first, Parish Councillor Mark Harrison, to address the room.


Mr Harrison thanked Committee for the chance to speak and highlighted his three main concerns about the application. He stated that traffic entering the village near the junction to Irwin Road and the proposed development was often travelling in excess of 60mph and there would need to be traffic calming measures in place to mitigate the risk of that junction. With regards to top water, Mr Harrison explained that the dykes were not managed and since the previous construction work had been undertaken, when the flood plain had been infilled with rubble and then built on, the dykes were now breached in several places on a regular basis when there was heavy rain. His final point was regarding the sewerage infrastructure and that it was not sufficient for the existing homes, without the risk of adding more properties into the system. He stated that all such problems should be resolved prior to any further building works going ahead.


The second speaker, Mr Marcus Walker speaking as an objector to the application, was invited to address the Committee. He supported the comments made by Mr Harrison in terms of the inadequate drainage systems and explained to Members that he had been in frequent contact with Severn Trent with regards to the drainage and sewerage systems. He stated that they had accepted the system was substandard but had not undertaken any investigations to see what could be done to remedy the situation. He called for the Committee to refuse the planning application on this basis.


The third speaker, Ward Member Councillor Lesley Rollings, reiterated the points made by the previous two speakers and commended their dedication to researching and collating the information they had in relation to the drainage systems. She confirmed that there were already problems with flooding in the area that was at risk of worsening with any new development.


Note:              The Chairman requested that additional paperwork submitted by Mr Walker  ...  view the full minutes text for item 100.


136577 - Horsley Road, Gainsborough pdf icon PDF 321 KB

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The Chairman introduced planning application number 136577, an outline planning application for the development of up to 49no. dwellings, with access to land to the west of Horsley Road, Gainsborough to be considered and not reserved for subsequent applications - resubmission of 134824. He invited the Senior Development Management Officer to provide any updates. He advised Committee that since the report was drafted, additional letters of objection had been received from residents regarding concerns about the impact on infrastructure and services, parking, access and road safety issues, concerns about flood risk and whether the development would be affordable housing. He advised, however, that the updates did not change the recommendation.


The Chairman invited the first registered speaker, Rebecca Housam, to address the Committee. She explained she was speaking on behalf of the applicant and stated there were strong and robust reasons for the application to be approved. She detailed the conversations and testing that had occurred in relation to the drainage considerations and assured Members that the proposal sought to reduce the flood risk overall as well as alleviate the existing problems. She highlighted that the proposal provided sustainable housing as well as other contributions to the local community. It was explained that they had worked closely with the Council to allay any concerns and respectfully asked the Committee to approve the application.


The Chairman then invited Councillor S. Bibb, Ward Member, to speak. She noted that the original objections had centred on the likelihood of flooding to the area and accepted that there were details within the proposals which would aim to alleviate the flood risk, although there was no guarantee of this. She explained that the existing houses did experience difficulties and it would need to be assessed whether the proposals offered reasonable solutions. She also explained that access was another major concern and she found it difficult to understand how the Highways Agency had found the access acceptable. She stated that the roads are already very congested, it was already very difficult to manoeuvre any large vehicle (such as delivery vans) around the area and cars were consistently parked on both sides of the roads. In addition to these concerns, Councillor Bibb raised the environmental impact of losing the biodiversity of the area. She urged the Committee to consider their options, whether that be for refusal or deferment for a site visit.


Note:              Councillor S. Bibb withdrew from the Chamber at 7.21pm for the duration of the discussions.


The Senior Development Management Officer clarified that pedestrian access was to be determined as part of the application and that vehicular access was straightforward, as shown on the site map, with no issues raised by the Highways Agency. He added that the issue regarding surface water had been adequately resolved with the plan to pump the water directly into the River Trent. The Chairman opened discussions from Members of the Committee.


There was discussion between Members as to the concerns regarding the risk of flooding and drainage issues on  ...  view the full minutes text for item 101.


138477 - Land off Brigg Road, Grasby pdf icon PDF 142 KB

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The next item on the agenda was introduced, planning application number 138477, for change of use of land for the siting of 32no. holiday lodges, 1no. warden's lodge with adjacent site supply shed-shop, pond and associated site landscaping on land off Brigg Road & Grasby Wold Lane Grasby. The Senior Development Management Officer provided the Committee with updates in relation to a further objection received from Councillor Strange regarding delaying the application until the traffic speed restrictions had been implemented, however, it was confirmed that the County Council had approved the speed limit to be reduced to 40mph on the road in question and although there was no definite time scale for this being implemented, public notification would be along the road from May or June 2019 and the operational date would be after that.


The Chairman informed the Committee there were three speakers and invited the first, Councillor Mrs Forbes of Grasby Parish Council to address the Committee.


Councillor Forbes explained that the main concerns about the proposal were regarding the traffic implications, surface and foul water drainage, the use of the lodges and the impact on the local ecology. She accepted that the speed limit on the road was to be reduced but explained that the entrance to the site was on the brow of a hill where visibility was not ideal. She also explained that the development of the lodges would put additional strain on water systems that were already struggling, both fresh water with low water pressure in existing dwellings and foul water treatment systems being at capacity already. She suggested that the development would require an additional septic tank to be installed on site. With regards to the use of the lodges, Councillor Forbes explained that they had heard the lodges would be used for accommodation for offshore workers, rather than as a holiday lodge park. She highlighted that this use would be different to that detailed in the application. For her final point, Councillor Forbes commented on the ecology of the area and the risk to the biodiversity including bat activity. She requested that the application be delayed to allow time for the second ecological survey to take place in the summer. She highlighted that it was a fabulous opportunity for all parties to work together to forge a development that was advantageous in all ways and requested that the proposal be delayed.


The second speaker, Mr Greenwood, spoke to the Committee as the applicant for the proposal. He thanked all present for the opportunity to speak and for the guidance received with his application. He explained the nature of the family business and stated that they wanted to create a thriving and attractive holiday park in the Wolds. He highlighted that the amended layout had left approximately 25% of the site undeveloped in order to protect the biodiversity and the grassland in part of the site. Mr Greenwood highlighted that there had been an independent highways inspection commissioned which had found no problems  ...  view the full minutes text for item 102.


138794 - Land East of St Mary's Lane, Claxby pdf icon PDF 873 KB

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Application number 138794, for the erection of 1no. two storey detached dwelling and detached, single storey double garage on land east of St Marys Lane Claxby Market Rasen, was introduced by the Chairman. The Planning Officer confirmed there was no update. The Chairman invited the sole registered speaker to address the Committee.


Mr Darren Drury, speaking in favour of the application, introduced himself and thanked the Committee for their time. He explained the proposal was to build a long term family home on a site which should be considered a brownfield site. He stated that the property would be the smallest house on the lane and the placement and layout of the house had already been modified in order to make it the best possible fit for the area. He highlighted that there were no objections raised by the Parish Council and they had received several letters of support from local families. He concluded by inviting Committee Members to visit the site should they feel they needed to see the situation and location first hand.


The Chairman then advised Committee that the Ward Member, Councillor Tom Regis, had wished to register to speak also but had been unable to attend in person. He had instead provided a written statement in support of the application and this was read aloud by the Chairman.


The Planning Officer explained that according to the footprint of the village, the site was considered to be in the countryside and formed part of the old shrunken medieval village. It was in close vicinity to a Grade 1 listed church and a Grade 2 listed building. Half of the site had been recently cleared where it had previously been grown over and merged in with the countryside.


The Chairman invited comments from the Committee and there was discussion between Members as to whether the assessment of the site being in the countryside was considered to be accurate. Members felt that the location was typical of rural Lincolnshire and to class the site as being in open countryside was misleading. A Member of Committee expressed the opinion that the application would accord with LP10 and moved the approval of the application. The Development Management Team Leader reiterated the definition of the developed footprint as given in the Local Plan and suggested that by that definition, the assessment of the site as outside of the developed footprint was accurate. After further discussion, the proposal to approve the application was seconded.


Note:              Councillor G. McNeill left the room at 8.35pm and returned at 8.36pm


The Committee continued to discuss the layout of the village and the consideration of open countryside. The Legal Advisor requested that Members gave thought only to the application in front of them at this time and also to reiterate that the developed footprint within the Lincolnshire Local Plan was the accepted footprint of the village.


The Chairman repeated the proposal to approve the application based on LP10, to which a Member of Committee added reasons of  ...  view the full minutes text for item 103.


138795 - Hillcrest, Caistor Top pdf icon PDF 2 MB

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The Chairman introduced application number 138795, for proposed extension to building at Hillcrest, Caistor Top. The Planning Officer confirmed there was no update to the application.


The Vice Chairman enquired whether the application would have been dealt with under delegated powers, had there not been the connection with a District Councillor and it was confirmed this was the case. The Vice Chairman then moved the Officer recommendation, this was seconded and voted upon and unanimously agreed that permission be GRANTED with conditions as detailed in the planning application report.



Determination of Appeals pdf icon PDF 213 KB

·         138126 – 24 Church Road, Saxilby

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RESOLVED that the determination of appeals be noted.