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Public Participation Period

Up to 15 minutes are allowed for public participation.  Participants are restricted to 3 minutes each.

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There was no public participation at this point in the meeting.



To Approve the Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 238 KB

i)       Meeting of the Planning Committee held on 8 September 2021

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RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting of the Planning Committee held on Wednesday, 8 September 2021 be confirmed and signed as an accurate record.



Declarations of Interest

Members may make any declarations of interest at this point but may also make them at any time during the course of the meeting.


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Councillor Ian Fleetwood declared that regarding application 141702 (agenda item 6a) he had not had any contact with the Parish Council but had one resident contact regarding issues. He had listened to them but not made any statements. He also declared knowing the agent for this application.


Councillor Judy Rainsforth declared that she had not been able to attend the site visit for application 142948, so would not be commenting or voting on it.



Update on Government/Local Changes in Planning Policy


Note – the status of Neighbourhood Plans in the District may be found via this link


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The Committee heard from the Interim Planning Manager (Development Management) with the following update:


There was a new Secretary of State for Communities and Levelling Up who would be looking at the planning reforms proposed a year ago in the White Paper. Bigger announcements were expected to come.


The following update regarding Neighbourhood Plans in the district was also provided.


Neighbourhood Plan/s


Planning Decision


Corringham NP

Examination completed. Waiting on decision for it being given significant weight.

Sturton by Stow and Stow joint NP

Consultation closes 22 October.



141702 - Land off Saxon Way, Bardney pdf icon PDF 158 KB

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The Chairman introduced the first application of the evening, application number 141702, for the siting of 65 single story modular park homes for the over 55s on Saxon Way, Bardney. The Committee heard that the site was allocated in the local plan for development and saw the proposed site plan for 65 modular units (park homes) and expectation of layout and appearance. There would be a Section 106 completed as part of planning permission for a restriction of over 55s only. An off-site affordable homes contribution of £101,890 and an NHS contribution of £41,112.50 towards a loft extension and subsequent alteration to the ground floor at a new surgery at Woodall Spa.


The Chairman invited the first of the registered speakers to address the Committee. Cllr Robin Darby made the following statement.


“My name is Robin Darby and I'm a Councillor on Bardney Group Parish Council. The conditions imposed on the development prior to the commencement of any work had been noted. These include the foul and surface water, landscaping scheme, external lighting scheme, individual driveway parking and boundary trees and hedging.


I’d like to raise further points relevant to the application. The application form submitted on 20th of October 2020 states siting of 69 single storey modular homes for over the 55s. The traditional brick and mortar development means that the developer builds the homes to sell in phases or completed project. There is no timetable in any of the submitted documentation that indicates the number of hard standings and park homes that will be completed. It is doubtful that the company will build all the hard standings and purchase all the homes, and move them onto the site. It is more likely to a number of hard standings will be built and the homes moved on to the site when purchased.


The concern is a protracted stop start construction phase, and the destruction caused to the local residents. And also when the site and associated landscaping will be completed.


There is also a concern regarding the trigger point for the S106, and the possibility that it may not be reached and the site becomes a mixture of park homes and moveable caravans.”


The Chairman introduced the second speaker, Mr Michael Braithwaite, to address the Committee.


“I’m Michael Braithwaite a chartered town planner and agent to the applicant Bowbridge (B&MR) Limited. Thank you for the opportunity to speak on this matter. The application site benefits from extant planning permission for 98 dwellings reference 120613, which is part implemented by the development of properties on Saxon Way and Norman Way, including 19 affordable dwellings. The site is also allocated in the adopted local plan site CL 1144 for 73 dwellings.

The principle of development is therefore well established through both the development plan, and planning application process, and history for the site. The proposal is to replace the remaining traditional built dwellings subject to the approval with 65 modular bungalows referred to as park homes, which will be restricted  ...  view the full minutes text for item 52.


142675 - Hamilton Hill opposite Poplar Farm, Tealby Road, Walesby pdf icon PDF 305 KB

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The Chairman introduced the second application, 142675, Hamilton Hill, opposite Poplar Farm, Tealby Road, Walesby and asked the planning officer for an update. She wanted to recommend a further condition be added that was not on the report. That prior to the first use of the site that a small footway section and tactile crossing be installed to gain access to the farm over the road which contains a restaurant/café. The Committee saw photos and plans of the site.


The first speaker for this application was David Thurman from Walesby Parish Council.


“Thank you and good evening and thank you for the opportunity to speak. I'm David Thurman, Chairman of Walesby Parish Council.


We are of the opinion that this application should be rejected. This is the third such application on the sites of Poplar Farm and Hamilton Hill, which is opposite to Poplar Farm, which I think was originally part of Poplar Farm. Poplar Farm was a traditional Lincolnshire farm raising Lincolnshire Red Cattle very much fitting into the environment and I do remember when it was such.


This application and the previous two across the road at Sunnyside are replacing that farm and so the agricultural land which wasn't part of the original farm with a very large holiday camp more suited to a coastal holiday resort like Skegness, and totally inappropriate in an area of great landscape value bordering on the AONB.


The three applications together contain a provision for parking of 128 cars, two per chalet at peak, moving around and on and off the site bringing traffic issues, light pollution issues and noise issues.


This whole project has not been totally supported by the experts, your own planning decisions for the first two applications, 139788 and 141422 limited the number of cabins to maintain and enhance the rural character of the area, the setting of the Lincolnshire Wolds the AONB and to protect wildlife, and in accordance with policies LP2, LP 17 and LP 26 of the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan.


Lincolnshire Wolds countryside services include for this application the cumulative impacts from the change of use from agricultural land as submitted in this application will be detrimental to the rural character of the AGLV and the wider setting of the AONB. The findings of the landscape and visual impact assessment suggests that the development would indeed have an impact upon the longer views from the AONB. With regard to Hamilton Hill and its historical past, no one seems to be saying that because of that, the development should not take place. Those commenting on the historical perspective, are still reserved in their opinions. Sir Edward Leigh did not feel that the development interfered with the historic setting, but did feel that the site should be officially designated a site of historical interest.


LCC historic environmental officer says that the site is a feature in the historic landscape, and that should be taken into account with regard to planning application. Historic England has concerns regarding  ...  view the full minutes text for item 53.


142948 - 5 Colins Walk, Scotter pdf icon PDF 192 KB

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The Chairman introduced the final application of the evening. Number 142948, 5 Colins Walk, Scotter, for a conservatory, raised platform and associated treatments. This was following a site visit by six Members of the Committee and ideally these Members should be who vote, unless the other Members are happy they have enough information to do so. There was no Officer update and so the Chairman invited the Democratic Services Officer to read aloud the first statement from Mr Vincent Hartley.


“Dear Committee

I regret that due to other commitments I am unable to speak at the meeting. However, I would like to thank the committee for visiting the site of the planning application. Hopefully the reservations you had to initiate this visit were vindicated.


I don't want to bore you with my objections again which I have highlighted in numerous correspondence to the council but would just like to say I still totally object to the planning application. 


The amended plans still do not in any way address my fundamental concerns about loss of privacy and light. The proposed screen will have an overbearing presence when you look up to the bungalow from the bottom of the garden. Not to reiterate but I believe the only acceptable solution to myself and the occupants is that the raised terrace should be taken down to ground level as it approaches to within 1.5m of the actual party wall line. The exact reduction would be approximately 1.75m as it encroaches beyond this line.


Hopefully you will not be offended by my suggestion and see that I am looking at a fair solution to this long drawn out affair. 


Thank you for your time.


Yours faithfully

Vince Hartley”


The Chairman opened for comments. A Member of the Committee asked if the screen could be extended to just under the eaves and if the stairs up to the raised platform were to have a guard rail. The Planning Officer confirmed there was a guard rail in the proposal and the raised screen was not part of the proposal.


The recommendation was proposed and seconded by Members of the Committee who attended the site visit and it was agreed that permission be GRANTED subject to the following conditions.


Conditions stating the time by which the development must be commenced:

See condition 1 below.


Conditions which apply or require matters to be agreed before the development commenced:



Conditions which apply or are to be observed during the course of the development:


1. The development hereby permitted shall be completed within 3 months of the date of this permission and the existing steps serving the raised platform removed and demolished.


Reason: To confirm with Section 91 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) and to safeguard the residential amenity of the attached neighbouring bungalow in accordance with Policy LP26 of the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan.


2. With the exception of the detailed matters referred to by the conditions of  ...  view the full minutes text for item 54.


Report seeking confirmation of Tree Preservation Order Somerby No1 2021 pdf icon PDF 159 KB

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The Committee heard from the Trees and Landscape Officer regarding a report seeking to make a Tree Preservation Order to protect two woodland tree belts, to the westerly side of St Margaret’s Church and alongside the road to the north of the church, Somerby. Members heard that objections had been received from residents following trees having been cut down and the loss of bushes. The Committee saw photos from 2019 when some of the felling had been undertaken and that it was explained that the TPO would allow for no further felling in the area.


There were no further comments from the Committee and, having been moved, seconded and voted upon, it was unanimously


RESOLVED that, not withstanding the objections made by the owner and other village residents, the confirmation of the Tree Preservation Order Somerby No1 2021 be APPROVED.


Determination of Appeals pdf icon PDF 129 KB

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On consideration of the Determination of Appeals, a Member highlighted that 30 Wragby Road, Sudbrooke was listed as being dismissed when it was allowed. With no further comment, the Determinaiton of Appeals was DULY NOTED.