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Public Participation Period

Up to 15 minutes are allowed for public participation.  Participants are restricted to 3 minutes each.

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There was no public participation at this point in the meeting.




To Approve the Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 289 KB

i)      Meeting of the Planning Committee held on 1 November 2023, previously circulated.

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RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting of the Planning Committee held on Wednesday, 1 November 2023 be confirmed and signed as an accurate record.




Declarations of Interest

Members may make any declarations of interest at this point but may also make them at any time during the course of the meeting.


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Councillor T. Smith declared a personal interest, in relation to agenda item 6a, application number 146685, that though he was present at the site visit, he was not in attendance at the previous meeting where the application was heard. In line with West Lindsey District Council’s Constitution, he would abstain from voting.


Councillor K. Carless declared a personal interest, in relation to agenda item 6a, application number 146685, that she was sitting as a substitute Member of the Committee, and had not been present at the previous meeting nor the site visit. She stated she would not participate in the item.


Councillor D. Dobbie declared a personal interest, in relation to agenda item 6a, application number 146685, that though he was not present at the site visit, and so would not participate in the vote, he would give his opinion on a related matter with the application.





Update on Government/Local Changes in Planning Policy


Note – the status of Neighbourhood Plans in the District may be found via this link


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The Committee were advised about the National Planning Fee Increase. Following debates in Parliament, the Town and Country Planning (Fees for Applications, Deemed Applications, Requests and Site Visits) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2023 had been approved and were made on 8 November 2023. The regulations were viewed here:-


The measures in the regulations did the following:-


·       Increased planning application fees by 35% for applications for major development applications and 25% for all other applications; 

·       Introduced an annual indexation of planning applications fees, capped at 10%, from 1 April 2025;

·       Removed the fee exemption for repeat applications, commonly known as the ‘free-go’. An applicant would still be able to benefit from a ‘free-go’ if their application was withdrawn or refused in the preceding 12 months, which was subject to all other conditions for the ‘free-go’ being met;

·       Reduced the Planning Guarantee for non-major planning applications from 26 to 16 weeks; and

·       Introduced a new prior approval fee of £120 for applications for prior approval for development by the Crown on closed defence sites.


The new fees would come into force from 6 December 2023. 


The Development Management Team Manager concluded the update by briefing the Committee on the status of the neighbourhood plans as of the meeting, and were advised as followed:-


Neighbourhood Plans


Planning Decision


Scothern NP Review

Examination underway.

Review NP had increasing weight.

Nettleham NP Review

Regulation 16 consultation underway closes 22 Dec.

Review NP had increasing weight.

Dunholme NP Review

Regulation 14 consultation underway closes 3 Jan.

Review NP had some weight.




146685 - Land To The South Of Legsby Road, Market Rasen pdf icon PDF 255 KB

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The Vice Chairman, in the Chair (Chairman), introduced the first application of the meeting, item 6(a), application number 146685, for the erection of 6no. detached bungalow dwellings & associated garages on land to the South of Legsby Road, Market Rasen.


This was an application deferred from the 1 November 2023 Planning Committee meeting for a site visit to be held. The Case Officer informed Members of an amended site plan with a revised footpath. Members heard the definitive right of way path would require an entirely separate application regardless of the decision made by the Committee.


There had been surface water flooding on the northern part of the site, which gave a medium risk of surface water flooding. This was supplemented by a submitted indicative drainage strategy and for a swale and five soakaways. The Officer further explained the Building Control team would assess this and the planned drainage would capture surface water from the dwellings and the road. The Senior Development Management Officer gave a short presentation about the application and highlighted the submitted designs.


The Chairman informed the Committee that there were four registered speakers and statement, and invited the first registered speaker, the agent for the application, Mr Daniel Hyde to address the Committee.


Mr Hyde explained that the planning application proposed four dwellings in a low-density scheme, complying with local policies and including a flood risk assessment. The approval was expected to enhance the area. In his statement, the agent stated that a previous application in 2020 proposed five dwellings and established the principle of development on the site. The eventual approved application moved from five dwellings to four due to development issues and proximity to the open countryside. Members learned that this was a low density scheme, with 11 dwellings per hectare, which was lower than nearby housing schemes of similar designs. The agent asserted the approved scheme in 2020 should form part of the decision-making process.


The agent explained that there was no adverse impact on the nearby appearance and residential amenity. The submitted designs were to create a sense of place in these proposed dwellings. The agent stated that the submitted application complied with local policies, and a newly commissioned ecological study had been uploaded. The submitted application was expected to achieve a 30% net gain in habitable conditions.


The agent described the current situation, which included the public footpath and an undesigned pond. The footpath currently moved to the east and shared access to the road leading to the site. Members learned that there were resubmitted plans for the hedge and that the registered right of way would still need further formal consultation and a decision outside this application. The agent stated the hedge on the site's western side would be retained for the most part, with only a small amount of the northern part removed to enable access.


He emphasised that the boundary and ownership of the site were not part of the consideration of the local planning authority, and specifically for  ...  view the full minutes text for item 63.


146242 - "Land at Little Tranby", Mill Lane, Middle Rasen pdf icon PDF 285 KB

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The Committee gave consideration to the second application of the meeting, item 6(b), application number 146242, for removal of existing outbuilding and the erection of 2no. bungalows, on land at Little Tranby, Mill Lane, Middle Rasen LN8 3LE.


The Development Management Team Leader explained there was an additional objection, specifically on the drainage provision of the application. Members learned the flooding had occurred in the village. Following further investigation and the preparation of a drainage study this showed that it was most likely due to the insufficient diameter of the pipe in the culvert.. The application would not use the culvert and would have its own means of drainage so would have no impact on flooding experienced in the village. A short presentation was given about the application.


The Chairman informed the Committee there was one registered speaker and invited the agent for the application, Daniel Hyde, to address the Committee.


In his statement, the agent stated the submitted application was to replace the current dilapidated dwelling. The development fell within the developed footprint of the village and was a Central Lincolnshire Local Plan designated site. The speaker explained the dwellings would be more modern and would assimilate into the surroundings.


The agent explained there was enough separation distance between the proposed dwellings, aiming to create a mix of dwelling types and balance community questions. Research had been conducted to show delivery vehicles could safely enter the site.


The off-street parking met the standards set out in the National Planning Policy Framework, and there were no technical objections from Lincolnshire County Council Highways. A submitted drainage strategy was supported, with the site in Flood Zone 1. The agent stated the area was suitable for development.


An additional 44 cubic metres of storage would be provided upstream of the culvert to avoid impacting the existing culvert and benefit future environmental net gain considerations. Progressing to the permeability, the driveway and the designed hardstanding would ensure that the water issue would not exacerbate the surface water run-off. An experienced former flood designer for the Environment Agency had created these designs. The submitted application included a preliminary Ecology Appraisal, which showed a 12.99% net gain in biodiversity. The extra hedgerow units would provide a 17.2% net gain, well above the 10% required in the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan.


The agent concluded his statement by stating they were unaware of contamination issues but were content with any related conditions the Local Planning Authority agreed upon.


The Chairman thanked the speaker for his statement and invited comments from Members of the Committee. Members supported the application and saw no issues with the drainage scheme submitted.


Having been proposed and seconded, the Chairman took the vote and it was unanimously agreed that planning permission be deferred and DELEGATED grant of approval to officers subject to conditions and the completion of a legal agreement that delivers the required biodiversity net gain.


Conditions stating the time by which the development must be commenced: 


1. The development hereby permitted  ...  view the full minutes text for item 64.


147333 - 27 Silver Street, Gainsborough pdf icon PDF 223 KB

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The Committee gave consideration to the final application of the meeting, item 6(c), planning application 147333, for 2no. shopfronts to form 2no. retail units and 5no. residential flats including replacement windows and full internal and external refurbishments at 27 Silver Street, Gainsborough, DN21 2DT. The application had been referred to the Planning Committee as it was a departure from policy S49 (Parking Provision) of the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan.


The Chairman invited the Planning Officer to present the report, and highlighted the submitted designs of the development. The Chairman informed the Committee that there were no registered speakers, and invited comments from Members of the Committee.


Members supported the application and highlighted the ongoing developments in Gainsborough Town Centre. Members also highlighted the necessity for retail places, such as the submitted application and the hopeful drive to support the town's investment.


Note:               Councillor D. Dobbie made a non-pecuniary personal declaration that since new information had been provided following his involvement with the application at Gainsborough Town Council, he had an open mind, and would sit as a Member of the Planning Committee.


Having been proposed and seconded, the Chairman took the vote and it was unanimously agreed that permission be GRANTED subjected to the following conditions:


Conditions stating the time by which the development must be commenced: 


1.             The development hereby permitted shall be begun before the expiration of three years from the date of this permission.


Reason: To conform with Section 91 (1) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended).


Conditions which apply or require matters to be agreed before the development commenced: 




Conditions which apply or are to be observed during the course of the development:


2.             With the exception of the detailed matters referred to by the conditions of this consent, the development hereby approved shall be carried out in accordance with the following documents:


-         Existing Ground Floor Plan 2431-EX01;

-         Existing First Floor Plan 2431-EX02;

-         Existing Second Floor Plan 2431-EX03;

-         Existing Third Floor Plan 2431-EX04;

-         Existing Roof Plan 2431-EX05;

-         Existing (West) Front Elevation 2431-EX06;

-         Existing East Elevation 2431-EX07;

-         Existing South Elevation/Section D-D2431-EX08;

-         Existing Section B-B 2431-EX09;

-         Site Location Plan & Block Plan 2431-0S;

-         Proposed Door A & B Details 2431-D01;

-         Proposed Door C Details 2431-D02;

-         Proposed Interior Door D Details 2431-D03;

-         Proposed Ground Floor Plan 2431-PP01;

-         Proposed First Floor Plan 2431-PP02;

-         Proposed Second Floor Plan 2431-PP03:

-         Proposed Third Floor Plan 2431-PP04;

-         Proposed Roof Plan 2431-PP05;

-         Proposed (West) Front Elevation 2431-PP06;

-         Proposed (West) Front Elevation (with canopy open) 2431-PP07;

-         Proposed East Elevation 2431-PP08;

-         Proposed North & South Elevations 2431-PP09;

-         Proposed Section A-A, B-B, C-C 2431-PP10;

-         Proposed Sash Window A Details (windows W01-W04) 2431-W01

-         Proposed Sash Window B Details (windows 5-8) 2431-W02

-         Proposed Sash Window C Details (window W09) 2431-W03

-         Proposed Sash Window D Details (windows W10-W11) 2431-W04

-         Proposed Sash Window E Details (windows W12) 2431-W05

-         Proposed  ...  view the full minutes text for item 65.


Determination of Appeals

As of 21 November 2023, there were no appeal determinations to be noted.


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There were no appeal determinations for noting.